Sometimes I take pictures with old cameras

Yashica 635:  1958


This majestic TLR shoots in black and white and takes in bad-ass portrait style only with the sweet 35mm conversion  kit. It’s originally formatted to shoot 6×6 on 120 roll film, but who uses that anymore (besides Holga freaks?)


Olympus Pen-F: 1967-1970


This 1967 nostalgia capsule has a nifty portrait-style view finder. It takes 35mm film, shoots in both color and black and white and has a stylish faux-leather carrying case.


Canon A-1: 1978 – 1985


The Cold War called. It wants its lenses back. But seriously, this camera is slick. The first camera of its kind to have an electronically controlled programmed autoexposure mode, it pretty much revolutionized SLR’s in the early ’80s. Suck on that, Nikon.





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