Meredith & Company

Little Meredith Kate surprised everyone by showing up to the party more than two weeks early, but what a wonderful surprise she is. I flew down to Southern California in a hurry to capture this baby beauty before that magic newborn-baby smell wore off and managed to get these shots spot-on the ten-day-old mark. The thing with newborn photography is that it’s preferable to get photos done before the baby is two weeks old–even better between days five and ten–since so much change happens during this period and baby will start to become more self aware and alert. Or, as I like to say, less pliable. It’s much easier to pose and photograph a sleeping, relaxed infant than a squirmy one. This was also a mixed digital and film shoot (Ilford HP5 and Agfa Vista Plus), which was fabulous since I decided to bring along my grandpa’s old Olympus Pen FV–and got to use it with him, so it felt very multi-generational.

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