Ring Shots

December is the most popular time to get engaged. Romance is in the air with the snow and the sleigh rides and the lights—and you know you you’re bracing for your Facebook feed to blow up with photos of frazzled, joyous couples and flashy bling. But, let’s be honest, many of those social media ring shots aren’t that great. Because it’s hard to get close-up jewelry photos on a whim, in the excitement of the moment with bad lighting and possibly over-zealous witnesses. So, in the spirit of engagement month, I’ve put together a list very basic examples that show how to get great ring photos that can be applied to photographers and non-photographers alike. Below, I’ve shared ring photos that I adore as well as ones that didn’t turn out quite right. But the important thing is that I know why they didn’t turn out quite right and I can share with you how to avoid my mistakes. Shooting rings is one of my favorite parts of wedding photography because it can be simple but still be creative, and it’s a lot of fun showing off bridal bling.

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