The Dead Sea to Galilee

The past month has been a blur of nonstop travel criss-crossing Israel and Jordan. After landing in Tel Aviv (our plane was nearly struck by lightening, so that was an adventure), we immediately set off for Tiberias in the north on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. Unfortunately, a few inches of snow in the mountains diverted our excursion from Safed and hiking the Golan Heights, but we spent a leisurely few days getting to know northern Israel and traveling up to the Lebanon and Syrian borders to visit a pomegranate winery, olive oil factory and fire station. We shivered away a quiet Shabbat strolling the promenade on the shores of the Galilee before departing to Haifa and the mountaintop ruins of Masada.

>>Click on photo for more

Shores of the Galilee


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