Best of 2014

What a fantastically photographic year it has been. At the end of each December, I challenge myself to pick my favorite few photos from my catalog of that year for my year-end post, but 2014 was more difficult than usual. I pushed myself this past year to do more photo projects, and I have traveled a lot, and it has definitely resulted in a bounty of photos that I am proud of. The difficult part is when I try to separate my emotional attachment to my images and try to sift through the ones that are “good.” For some reason, this year’s top picks are very landscape-oriented, from the dry desert of Southern Utah, to the lush forest of the Czech Republic. Take a look at my best from 2014 (including my favorite five from Instagram), and then take a chunk of time to go through the comprehensive lists I put together of major photography outlets’ choices for top photos and compilations of 2014 in review. A warning: Some of the slideshows contain graphic images. 

I’m out for the month of January–starting the new year off by heading to the Middle East for a month. I’ll figure out what’s next when I get back.

>> Click on photo for moreWolves in Bavaria


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