Praha, Praga, Prague

Finally, the last entry of my recent Europe saga: a return to Prague, my favorite city in the world (so far). We spent most of our time there wandering around the intricate, windy streets (seriously, there are no straight streets in this town), and saw some of the major highlights. We did something horribly touristy–but also pretty damn awesome–and went to a beer spa. Yes, you can enjoy a relaxing soak in a beer hot tub, beer massage and drink unlimited beer for about $60 per person.

We had a lovely walk around the Vyšehrad area, where the original city walls were, and ran into an unexpectedly beautiful sunset with an overlook of the city. We also took a side trip to one of the Czech Republic’s most visited castles (which I avoided last time I was in the country due to the complaints from locals that it was too touristy and crowded), Karlštejn.

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Prague Sunset


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