Through Šumava & Bohemia

Though it’s been five years since I last set foot in the Czech Republic, one of my favorite places in the world, going back felt like seeing an old friend in passing and picking up right where you left off. We stayed in the western part of the country, the region known as Bohemia, starting in České Budějovice, where the original Budweiser was invented. I’ll stick in another Couchsurfing plug here since we stayed with a wonderful family who took us to places we would have had a hard time getting to by bus, including the manor Hluboká nad Vltavou, a stunning white former hunting lodge. The only way I can describe the inside is that it looked remarkably similar to the interior of the manor on Downton Abbey. We also visited the red chateau Červená Lhota, which is red supposedly because a demon-possessed woman threw herself out of one of the windows and her blood stained the formerly white walls of the building. The villagers couldn’t get the blood out so, naturally, they just painted the whole thing red.

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