Deutschland: Munich & Dachau

Hey, I’m back and I brought lots of photos. First up: The great city of Munich as well as its outlying concentration camp, Dachau. We really didn’t have enough time in Munich (3 1/2 days), which I thought would be adequate, but we barely skimmed the surface of what this city has to offer. And adding to my time mismanagement, I completely underestimated Dachau as well, which I though would only have enough for a short historical tour. Nope. We ended spending four hours there, and we had to skip a lot of the museum since we had to get back to Munich for a previous commitment. Next time, we’ll spend a week in Munich to catch up on what we missed.

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One thought on “Deutschland: Munich & Dachau

  1. It’s nice to see that you decided to visit Dachau as well. The memorial is a place where I always have to think about history and how good our lives today are. I hope you had a good trip home 🙂

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