Spiders Be In My House

Awhile ago, I came across a freakishly big black widow spider in my bathroom in the middle of the night. It scared the bijeezus outta me, but I managed to find the courage to wake up my boyfriend so he could combat it with a broom. (Note: However sexist that may have sounded to some of you, I’m not really very afraid of spiders and probably could have dealt with it myself. But it was also a black widow–you can see the size of it–and I don’t really want to manage that.) Then a few months later, I found a giant possible hobo spider, again, in my bathroom, which we captured and photographed. We also found another very, very large brown spider on the basement wall, but it disappeared before I could get my camera out. I don’t know what it is with big-ass spiders and my house, and though they may freak me out at times, I have noticed a lack of other annoying insects buzzing about. So, as long as you’re not poisonous, spiders, I guess you can stay. Check out photos of the spiders and, yes, I do have a photo of my boyfriend battling it with a broom, but I am not posting it to the Internet at his request.

I’m gone for a few weeks heading to Germany and the Czech Republic, so nothing new will be here. I will be updating on Instagram, though. So there’s that.

Otherwise: Very cool photos from Robert Bosch, who coordinates groups of mountaineers numbering in the hundreds for extremely complex shots.

These 11 amazing ladies are featured in National Geographic’s Women of Vision exhibit.

For Soldier’s Inventories, Thomas Atkinson collected and arranged weapons and personal artifacts belonging to those who served in Britain’s major conflicts, from 1066 to the present day.

Hobo 2


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