Lady Portraits

I usually don’t post many portrait sessions I do unless they involve adorable babies, but I can’t help sharing this one since I’m still hyped about it even though the shoot was a month ago.  These two gorgeous, punk-ass ladies and I went to the Salt Lake Cemetery to get them some nice portrait shots, and though it may seem like an unconventional location, it was perfect. There are plenty of secluded knolls and grottos to shoot in if there are cemetery visitors paying their respects. And if you or your client feels uncomfortable going to a cemetery, the park right next door is good, too.

Otherwise: These photos of people shooting out of water slides by Krista Long will help you keep cool this summer.

Ursula Sprecher and Andi Cortellini photograph hobbyist clubs–everything from poodle admirers to Star Wars fans to BDSM participants.

London’s Natural History Museum and the BBC are celebrating 50 years of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards by asking viewers to vote for their favorite shot.



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