New Growth in Macro

Finally! Those painstaking, tedious moments of care and love dedicated to cultivating little seed pods that you hope will sprout into a bountiful harvest are finally paying off! In my case, I planted a couple of berry bushes and some prickly pear cactus last year and they are finally sprouting berries and new growth. I broke out my macro to document the occasion, and can’t wait to make jam and tarts and pies and all sorts of tasty fruit things later in the summer. I hope all you gardener types receive good results as well.

In other news: The Daily Overview is a project dedicated to posting an aerial photo of the world each day. Inspired by the phenomenon astronauts experience when looking down at the Earth from space, the photos the project posts are pretty spectacular.

Photographer Andy Lee converted his DSLR to 720nm (medium format) and then took photos of Iceland, which are pretty much the most beautiful things on the Internet right now.

Alaska: the wild, frozen tundra of the United States. Well, actually not so much. Explorers photographed Alaska’s glaciers in the late 19th century, and they look like how you imagine Alaska should look like. However, a comparison has recently been done to present-day photos of the same areas (both before and after photos were taken during the summer), and Alaska has undergone some major changes.

Blackberry 2


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