“I’m hungry, eat something.”

My great-grandmother was renowned for saying things like this. She would call us (living in Utah) from Southern California to tell us she was cold so we should put sweaters on. It was a duty for her to make sure we all had enough food, and I don’t know if she was the one that spurred my family’s obsession with the culinary or if she inherited it from generations spanning back to the Old Country. But the point is: My family loves food. Not necessarily eating food, but making sure it exists in copious amounts, but not in a wasteful way — we aren’t above eating leftovers. My latest encounter with this trait was heading to California for my dad’s surprise 60th birthday party which my sister had meticulously planned. Seriously, she had binders and spreadsheets with detailed menus and workflows. I got up at 2 a.m. to drive to California and stayed up until midnight helping prepare food. Then we got up at 6 a.m. and continued, barely finishing the set-up before go time. My sister had prepared everything from kabobs and pastas to chocolate-covered grapes and cupcakes with faces on them. Cupcakes with faces. The photos below cover only a portion of the food that was actually available. Needless to say, we had piles of leftovers to send home with the guests and my dad was sure surprised when he walked through the door. All in all, it was a success, and we’ll get to eat face cupcakes for weeks to come. To see the deets on my sister’s serious party-planning skills, visit her blog.

I just realized I haven’t posted in six weeks, so here are some extras for your pleasure:

John Stanmeyer was awarded World Press Photo of the Year.

Check out Shot Kit, a site that interviews professional camera folk from all walks of photography about the gear they pack and the shots they get with it.

Hasselblad announced their 2014 Hasselblad Masters. Medium format is something I’ve wanted to get into, but I don’t have a spare $17K lying around for the equipment.

These lady biker gangs of Morocco, documented by Hassan Hajjaj, are pretty frikkin sweet.

Not down with the beard fad yet? Take a look at this Tumblr of a dude sticking household objects in his facial hair.

Face Cupcakes


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