Best of 2013

It is time again when we are inundated with a slew of best photos of the year/year in review selections from all the major photography giants. Luckily for you, I have attempted to compile most of the major ones here for you to enjoy. I have also included a small set of my own photos that I believe are my favorites from this year. Take a gander and enjoy the best of photography (and other tidbits) — from fashion to food to riveting photojournalism. I’m sure there are a lot of lists I missed, but these are a good dose of what photographers have been doing this year, and hopefully enough to give out ideas and inspiration for the next.

YEAR IN REVIEW:’s Big Picture blog’s Year in Pictures Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

Time: The year in deja vu and their picks for most surprising photos.

National Geographic’s Year in Review. (Give some time to this one; the layout is awesome.)

The year in photos from Vanity Fair as well as Kate Middleton’s year in hair.

The Atlantic’s In Focus blog’s year in photos part 1 (Jan.-April), Part 2 (May-Aug.) and Part 3 (Sept.-Dec.), and, bonus, the year in volcanic activity.

2013 in photos from Reuters.

The year in photos from The New York Times.

Peta Pixel gives us 54 reasons to love photography this year.

BEST OF 2013

Time’s picks for: Top 10 photos of 2013, best portraits, top photojournalism and best photo books.

National Geographic’s most memorable photos and best photos from their Travel 365 blog feature.

Aperture Magazine’s top articles of 2013.

The best food photos as determined by 500px.

Thirteen incredible outtakes from The New Yorker, as well as their photo editor’s selection for weirdest photo research of the year.

The Camera Store rates the best and worst cameras & lenses this year (video).

The best of VICE on YouTube (video. Duh.)

From the Associated Press: The best sports photos, best entertainment photos and the most requested photos from 2013.

March: The ornately painted chapel in Ljubljana Castle in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

March: The ornately painted chapel in Ljubljana Castle in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


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