Cemetery at Key West

I’ve been fascinated with photographing cemeteries for a long time now (see: Toronto, Salt Lake City, Paris, etc.) for several reasons. I plain, old like grave yards, first of all; I think they are interesting pieces of history, morbid as that may be. I like looking at the toll of time and the effects of human interaction with grave sites and tombs. Socioeconomically, graveyards are an interesting place observe where families who are/were wealthy enough to afford tombs, or had enough time to keep up maintenance on the graves of their loved ones. Most of all, though, I love looking at nature’s claim to the dead. Headstones crack and sink as the earth moves over time. Weather, animals and other natural elements eventually take over if given enough time. Key West is an excellent place for observing nature in cemeteries. The ground is not optimal for digging, and the humidity and abundance of storms and hurricanes are obstacles in the way of proper grave upkeep. Below, check out the photos from my visit to Key West Cemetery.

Also: Shave the date! The SLC Photo Collective is hosting Jed’s Barbershop Movember Fundraising Gala tomorrow at 8 p.m. for prostate and testicular cancer research. Get your tickets ($20 or $50 VIP) at Jed’s Barbershop. And don’t forget to bring your facial hair!


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