Pumpkin Babies

I took a spontaneous trip to Southern California this week for some personal time with my relatives down there. The most enjoyable part was getting to see my 7-month-old twin nieces. We decided to take them to their first pumpkin patch for some fall photos and were so overloaded with cute I decided to share. Never mind that Southern California’s idea of a pumpkin patch is a hundred pumpkins sitting on wood chips in a JC Penney parking lot; we still got some great shots of these two. And we only had to prevent them from stuffing wood chips in their mouths once.

I’ll be on the move again to warmer weather for the next few weeks, so we’ll see what happens.

Other things you should look at:

This amazing time lapse by Shane Black, which he created after quitting his day job and embarking with two friends on a 13,000-mile road trip through 32 states and 13 national parks.

Carli Davidson’s new book comprised of photos from her hilarious series of dogs shaking off water called, fittingly, SHAKE.

If you are in the Salt Lake area next weekend, sign up to have some of your work critiqued by pro photographer Paul Duane at his Photo Jedi Training event Nov. 3 at the SLC Photo Collective.

Driving the Tractor


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