Strut Your Mutt

I totally forgot that I strutted my mutt along with hundreds of other Salt Lakers and their doggie pals a couple of weeks ago. Strut Your Mutt is an annual event fundraiser by the Best Friends Animal Society to raise money for no-kill animal shelters and sanctuaries as well as to help end the homeless pet epidemic in Utah. Dogs and their loving human friends take a leisurely stroll through Liberty Park and get to enjoy dozens of booths and vendors; live music; and food and treats throughout the day. Though Best Friends is local to Utah, they host events and Strut Your Mutt fundraisers all over the country. You can see if a walk or workshop is being held near your town on their website. Check out some shots of the dogs and owners alike below.

Other things you should look at:

Famous LIFE Photographer Bill Eppridge died last Thursday at the age of 75. Take a look at some of his work on the LIFE website.

Look at some neat snapshots of everyday life just before the turn of the century taken with one of the first consumer cameras available, the Kodak No. 1.

Nick Brandt travelled to Lake Natron in Tanzania to shoot petrified animals that washed up on the shore as part of his book “Across the Ravaged Land.” Due to its extremely basic alkaline makeup, the lake calcifies animals that fly or fall into the water.


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