Egg Dancing at Oktoberfest

No, it’s not actually October, but Snowbird’s annual Oktoberfest has been going on since mid-August. Nobody seems to mind, though, and the 41st Oktoberfest is a jolly event with an abundance of polka, bratwurst and beer. One of the activities set up to keep the slightly sober-impaired patrons entertained was a couples dance where each pair had to press an egg between their foreheads and balance it there for as long as possible. The couples were allowed to hold on to each other in the beginning, slowly dancing to the increasing tempo. In the end, they were no longer allowed to touch each other and after nine tense, polka-filled minutes, a victorious couple emerged.

This was really the only photo I snapped at Oktoberfest since talking pictures while holding a giant stein of beer is difficult.

Snowbird’s Oktoberfest runs every weekend through October 13.

Egg Dance


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