Big Sky at Strawberry

Montana may be best known as big sky country, but it is actually pretty difficult to not be overwhelmed by the atmosphere anywhere in the West. Here in Utah we have plenty of wide open spaces and I travelled for the first time to Strawberry Reservoir intending to boat around on the lake and hang out in the sage. Instead, I became focused on the vast amount of weather on and around the lake and decided to make a sequence out of it. Strawberry is one of the most popular fishing spots in the state, but nearly every year there are casualties due to either boating accidents or weather-related incidents. The reservoir is also gigantic and the clouds can turn from friendly and puffy to dark and deadly in a very short time. Luckily, I was with a couple very old, er… experienced fishermen who could read the clouds better than Sterling Poulson and could high tail it off the water at the first sign of an angry sky. Which we had to do on the last day. Anyway, check out some sky shots below.

Strawberry Sky 1


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