Attempted Chestnut Sprouts

There is a beautiful, massive, ~80-year-old chestnut tree in my front yard and as lovely as it is, every fall it drops hundreds of horrible, spiky, inedible chestnuts all across my yard in an attempt to have babies. Unfortunately, I am not quite at the point in my life where I can nurture another chestnut tree so I try eradicate each nut as best as possible. But every spring I discover just how many I missed when the sprouts pop up and I get to dig them out. If I’m lucky, the sprout is still connected to the seed, and since plant germination kind of fascinates me, I collected a few to photograph. So in a more unusual blog post than normal, I present the results of my taking an afternoon off in my laundry room and photographing chestnut sprouts I dug up from my front yard.

Single Sprout


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