Pesach – It’s Passover Time!

Oh, yes, that excellent Jewish cooking is almost here. Passover is right around the corner beginning on Monday so break out your Passover-approved matzo, crack open your Haggadah, and remember to set an extra place at the table for Elijah. Then scroll through some photos of traditional items you would find at a seder below.

I haven’t been around for awhile and don’t expect me to hang out too long. I’ll be in Croatia for the next few weeks nerding it up at a conference. Among other things.

What was Baghdad like in the 1930’s? Turns out, probably better off than it is now.

Pictures we didn’t take before digital cameras. Because you know the greasy dude at the film booth would have totally made fun of you.

This is not photoshopped. It is hand carved.

Matzo Ball Soup


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