Deep Freeze SLC: Icicle Extravaganza

January is deep freeze month for Salt Lake City. The storm last week that blew out the inversion and dumped 22 inches of snow on us has also made temperatures struggle to get higher than 20 the last couple of weeks and it has plummeted into the negatives at night a few times. So we break out our space heaters, wait for the smog to get blown away and watch the icicles grow. We don’t really get a lot of wicked huge icicles here in the winter, but during deep freeze month they get gnarly. And they don’t get much gnarlier than those at historic Fort Douglas, where I decided to trudge around and find the most ballin’-ass ice spears I could. Those buildings have seen nearly 140 winters, and though I doubt this one is the worst, the ice and snow still leave their mark. Check them out below.

A very short collection of photos celebrating National Geographic’s 125th anniversary.

No Seconds – Henry Hargreaves latest project in which he recreates the last meals of notorious criminals who were executed on death row.

Photos from the 2013 Dakar Rally in South America and in which three people have died so far. The off-road competition ends Jan. 20.

Artist Klari Reis melds science and art by using petri dishes painted with epoxy polymer to “depict electron microscopic images of natural and unnatural cellular reaction” in her Petri Projects series.

House Ice


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