Brutus in Film

I guess the weather service has decided that the East Coast shouldn’t get all the fun with their hurricanes and has started naming winter storms here out west, giving us quite a chuckle. But I have to say last week when Brutus hit it quite deserved its nomenclature. Starting at 9 am on Friday morning, it kept the snow coming until 1 pm Sunday afternoon, dumping a respectable 15 inches of snow on the valley floor and causing most of the ski resorts to open early. I had a few spare rolls of film on me (two Kodak B&W and one roll of lomography film, wherever the hell that came from) and documented a bit during and after the first great storm of the season. Take a look below and browse through the links as well.

The world’s first 3D portrait studio is in, of course, Japan.

Original and creative animal portraits by Tim Flach featured in his More than Human series.

Thoughts of Utah are generally associated with Mormons (for good reason) and to some extent polygamists. Polygamy is only practiced by a small branch of fundamentalist Mormons mostly in Southern Utah, though you do get a few pockets of FLDS farther north (I’ve seen more that a few polyga-wives in my day). Down in Moab, a small clan of Polygamist Mormons have developed a pretty unique community, as chronicled by The Atlantic.

The Magical Streets of Raghu Rai’s India.


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