Pumpkinship Down!

People grow some big-ass pumpkins here. And I don’t mean those nice torso-sized things you can pick up at the Wal Mart. I’m talking about 1000 lb monster-gourd big. So the sensible thing for Sugarhouse to do is to challenge people to make boats out of these large specimens and paddle them across the lake in Sugarhouse Park. An exciting pumpkin boat race ensued on Saturday, but I was delayed to the event and missed it. I did manage to snap a few shots of the aftermath, though. Those are below. In the mean time:

If they aren’t making boats, some people just take pumpkin carving to a whole new level of art form.

Just in time for Halloween: Nightmares Fear Factory’s hilarious photos of scared patrons.

Also check out Jo Teeuwisse’s Ghosts of History project blending historical WWII photos with their present day counterparts.

And since Flickr albums are apparently a thing for me this week, don’t miss Andy Wells’ still life series on Stormtroopers.


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