Utah State Fair & Tracy Aviary Double Header

I’ve been a little behind on the blog publishing thing lately due to some less-than-fortunate developments at the job where I actually make money. In case you are interested in the perils of language revitalization, the Salt Lake Tribune has covered the events here: Article 1 and Article 2.

But I have managed to do a few photo-related things in the past couple of weeks. I paid a visit for the first time to Liberty Park’s Tracy Aviary, which is way bigger than I thought and awesome. I also dropped in on the state fair, which was the same as always. Though, on the last day, they seemed to have replaced all the chickens with pigeons. But check out a few pictures below and click on links of stuff from the Internet.

Artist Sean Clover has put together a pretty cool album of photos of present day San Francisco blended with images from the earthquake of 1906. (Though this was published two years ago, it’s still cool).

Photoshopping Nic Cage’s face onto things has reached a whole new level of creepy.

We all know no one actively wants to go to Detroit, but it’s still sad to see the city’s once-monumental landmarks in a state of crippling decay.

This is one of the best photos I’ve seen in awhile.

Canon has released its new 6D. The world’s smallest full-frame camera. Me wantie.


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