Kodachrome Basin State Park: A Panorama

As a follow-up to last week’s Bryce Canyon post, here are some pictures from my journey out of the park back to good old SLC. Taking highway 12 (quite possibly the best road I have ever driven on), I made a pit stop at Kodachrome Basin State Park, a small park with plenty of red rock hikes and dry river bed trails. If you go there wondering why its name is synonymous with the famous film product from Kodak, you will soon find out why. The brilliant desert landscape is perfect for the medium. If you find yourself on the 12 between Bryce and Escalante and have a few hours to do some hiking, I highly recommend making a stop.

Speaking of Escalante, I went through there too. You don’t really notice the geological change from sandstone to limestone until you round the bend into the National Monument and it punches you in the eyes. Believe me, you will want to stop at every scenic pull out (they occur about every 1/4 mile) in order to fully take in the harsh beauty of shrub and stone.

So here’s a panorama of Kodachrome and a shot of Escalante and there are more on Flickr.

And links!

Some Germans are spray painting pigeons in Italy to make them more beautiful to tourists. Yeah, no, they’re still disgusting. Also, PETA is going to freak.

Invisible Photographer Asia recently did a piece on blind photographers.

Oh, these poor, poor cats.

Some random dude decided to put a large amount of interesting celebrity photos into one tidy collection for your convenience. (Some images are NSFW).

Kodachrome Basin

And a shot of Highway 12 winding through Escalante


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