The Hoodoos of Bryce Canyon

I took a few days off last week and ventured down to Bryce Canyon National Park. I’ve grown up with photos of Bryce all my life, but they do not do the real-life towering hoodoos in the canyons justice. The result of millions of years of wind and rain have shaped gigantic sandstone and limestone pillars which makes Bryce one of the most unique places on earth. These geological abnormalities are called hoodoos and hiking them is a wonder all its own.

There were a lot of European travelers down at Bryce, as there always are in Southern Utah. I’m really glad people from around the world want to come see my backyard, but if there are any Europeans reading this, I would like answers to a couple of questions. 1: Why do y’all never say hello on the trails? Is this just some kind of weird American thing? And 2: why do you think it’s ok to start your hiking at noon? Don’t you know the high desert can kill you? Noon to 3 is your sit inside and recuperate until the rain comes time.

Anywho, here’s a gallery of pics. Due to WordPress’ storage limit, I’ve put more images on my Flickr for download if you like. I also headed out of Bryce through Kodachrome Basin and Escalante, so I’ll put those photos up next week.

And, of course, links.

The winning photo of the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest was taken in the Wakhan Corridor, Kyrgyzstan.

Only one month remains to enter the British Journal of Photography’s International Photography Award. The prize is worth a two-week exhibition at Foto8.

You know you have always been curious about where cinema’s most famous babies ended up.

Yeah, this is NOT a photograph. Ballpoint pens FTW!

I was tempted to post a link to the Nude Prince Harry Photo Scandal, but I feel that these posts are classier than that and you’ve probably seen them by now anyway.


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