Hey, I’m Back! And I Brought Landscapes!

If you haven’t noticed (which you probably didn’t) I disappeared for a more than a few weeks and failed to upload any new or used photography anything. This was because I was busy. Specifically with the Shoshone/Goshute Youth Language Apprenticeship Program which was a fantastic success this year. But I was shooting while I was away and I will begin to post those photos today. We will start with the landscapes I took in Wyoming and Idaho on my excursion to the annual Shoshonean Reunion held this year in Jackson Hole. You should look at the full gallery and hopefully I will be able to post more coverage of the reunion next week.

And in the mean time, click some links.

Pictures from the Olympics. Becaus Olympics!

New Zealand’s Best in Show competition – Possum Edition.

Kodak’s Idealized Coloramas Returns.

The world’s most powerful photos set to music.

The Bear River Massacre Site near Preston Idaho.


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