Ach! The Scottish Highlands Festival!

I haven’t really been doing much this week. I went to the Scottish Highlands Festival in Lehi and took some pictures. You should look at those pictures here. There are some links below that you should look at too.

I’m making this post as an official going on hiatus notice since for the next six weeks I will be completely occupied by the Shoshone/Goshute Youth Language Apprenticeship Program. This year we have 17 students coming to the University of Utah from reservations spanning four states, the biggest group we’ve ever had. I’m running a photography workshop, but they will also have the opportunity to work with Shoshone and Goshute elders as well as take a college-level Shoshoni language class. I might update with pictures from the program over the next few weeks because it’s a fantastic awesome program, but don’t count on it.

This is what happens when you let astronauts have cameras.

Andrea Bruce is the winner of the first Chris Hondros Fund. Andrea works primarily in Afghanistan and Iraq and you should check out her work.

Speaking of photojournalists who died in Libya last year, the winner of the first Tim Hetherington award, Stephen Ferry, visited the World Press Photo headquarters this week to present his work Violentology: A Manual of the Colombian Conflict.

Highland dance competition


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