Photo Shoot with an Orchid

Usually picture makers of the photojournalistic sort are busy chasing down subjects and being constantly at the ready for the perfect breaking-news story shot. After all that hooliganry it’s kind of nice to be able to photograph something that sits still. I bought my mother an orchid plant for Mother’s Day and two weeks later three of the six blossoms are still alive. So I decided to keep it relaxed this week and have a little photo shoot with it. There is an example below and more in the Macro section here.

The National Press Photographer’s Association have announced The Best of Photojournalism 2012 winners.

I will always have a special place in my heart for the Czech Republic. Traditional cheese making is just a perk. (My favorite is #14).

Gramacho, Brazil’s largest dump located in Rio de Janeiro is set to close today. Spanning 321 acres, at its peak during its 34-year existence the dump would receive over 9000 tons of trash per day. Now it has reached its capacity and is being shut down.

Also, don’t forget to attend SLC Pride this weekend. I’ll be there on Sunday and so should you. Check out the photos from 2010 if you need some convincing. Or even if you don’t.


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