Nihon Matsuri: Japanfest 2012

Salt Lake City has a Japantown. No, I’m serious, it’s a thing. It occupies about one block on 1st South between 200 and 300 West where the Buddhist temple and the Japanese First Church of Christ are. And once a year it’s packed with visitors and Japanese enthusiasts who want to participate in the Japanese festival, or, Nihon Matsuri. This year, world-renowned Shakuhachi and Shinobue player Sensei Seizaburo Kubo graced the event with his phenomenal and emotional music. There was also traditional drum playing, a bonsai exhibit, a kimono fashion show and, of course, cosplay and anime galore. All to show off the rich and diverse culture of the Japanese nation and to represent its influence on the people of Salt Lake. View the photo gallery here.

Photographer Scott Haefner snuck into Michael Jackson’s abandoned Neverland themepark to photograph the forlorn machines before they were dismantled and sold in his project Exploring Neverland.

Hitler’s Bunker and the Ruins of Berlin: LIFE Magazine’s previously unpublished photos by William Vandivert, the first western photographer to enter Hitler’s bunker after the fall of Berlin in 1945.

Take a look at the masterfully crafted photographs of Stephen Wilkes who blended dozens of pictures he took together to create his Day to Night collection. Each finished photo took hours to put together but the result is visually stunning pieces of art.

Traditional Cosplay


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