Old Film in an Old Camera

I found a roll of lomography film my sister got me for Christmas a few years ago and I figured that since it had been sitting in a not-so-film-friendly environment for such a long time, it was probably no good. But I decided to stick it in one of my Olympus Pen-Fs and hit the town. Carting around this 55-year-old light leak canister held together with electrical tape and hope, I went to a party and then did some other things. The result was pretty grainy, but better than I expected. Check out the 15 new photos I added to the Pen-F gallery here.

Given my current main source of income, I’m pretty interested/invested in indigenous/traditional cultures. So I very much enjoyed Taylor Weidman’s piece “Mustang: Nepal’s Former Kingdom of Lo” published earlier this week. Take a look at these rare snapshots of this isolated culture.

The Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards 2012 has released the shortlisted selections for this year’s competition. Voting is open for the top 40 portraits, top 30 open and the top 5 photo essays. The ceremonies will be held on June 2.

Mmmm, Training Table….


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