Alright, so I’ve been lazy lately, but!! I still found neat stuff I want to share with you. There will definitely be something new next week.

It’s been one year since a massive earthquake and tsunami devastated areas of Japan. Boston’s big picture is featuring a three-part series detailing the tragedy and the country’s recovery. Two parts of the story, tsunami before and after pictures and the nuclear crisis, are up.

The New York Times recently created a new Tumblr showcasing all the old photos they have stored away that didn’t quite make it to press. Check out the The Lively Morgue’s classic photos from stories throughout NYT history here.

This week the Smithsonian Institution selected 50 finalists for its 9th annual photo contest. Viewers can also vote for 25 “Readers’ Choice” finalists from the remaining photos on their website.

And finally, Perfectly Timed Photos. A hilarious site featuring pictures where the cameras just happened to be snapped at that exact second.

Salt Lake City: Don’t forget tomorrow’s Wasatch Roller Derby rematch between the Black Diamond Divas and the Hot Wheelers. See pictures from last month’s match here and buy tickets for tomorrow at the WRD site.



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