Photography Shenanigans: The Long Exposure

Long exposures are tricky. Even with all the fancy new low-light-image-stabilization-shake-reduction-whatsit technology in cameras today, it’s pretty difficult to create a sharp picture hand held with a slow shutter speed. I’ve had my fair share of triumph over the prolonged open shutter, like with this image, which was taken at 1/10 sec with nothing to support it except my bare hands. But shooting without a tripod with that kind of shutter speed will usually result in a blurry mess of what you thought was going to be an awesome photo. A tripod in this situation is really going to help a lot, but lugging it around is not exactly convenient. Even shooting with a tripod there can be mishaps. Wind, vibration, earthquakes, youths…. these are all major downers in getting the perfect shot. I’m not very good at the whole long exposure technique so I set out with my three-legged aluminum companion to see what I could accomplish. You can see the resulting photos of my weeks-long excursion traipsing around the freezing, yet lovely, nighttime Salt Lake City in all their unedited glory here.

Here are some other fantastic long exposure shots from DPS

The Utah State Capitol is always lit up at night, but the platform in front is not. It was actually lit by headlights of cars coming up the hill behind me.


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