Politics. Eagle. Ferrets. America.

I don’t necessarily like to get political on the Internet, but this is important. There are two major bills likely to become laws in the next couple of weeks that more people should be aware of. The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). In a nutshell, SOPA allows the government to block any website they see as facilitating copyright infringement. Basically any site hosting user-generated content (You Tube, WordPress, Tumblr, Wikipedia, Reddit, etc.) could be censored under the premiss of copyright infringement. Censorship is never the answer to this kind of problem. Read Wikipedia’s view of SOPA here. Sign a petition to stop SOPA here. Voting on the bill has been delayed for the rest of the year, but meetings will resume in early 2012.

NDAA is a yearly bill that provides regulations for DoD spending and expenditures. This year, there is a section of the bill that allows for indefinite detention of terrorism suspects on US soil without a lawyer. Since this directly violates habeus corpus, it gives the president the power to incarcerate American citizens without trial or evidence solely because they are deemed a “link to Al-Quaeda.” Yes, the majority of the population are not terrorists, but thinking that this bill could never affect you is a serious mistake. Google both SOPA and NDAA and do some research for yourself. The best thing we can do is educate ourselves about these bills and spread the word.

Meanwhile, back in the photography world…

Life Magazine has chosen their top photographs of 2011.

Abandoned theme parks are always erie, but China’s Disneyland knock-off Wonderland is a little extra creepy.

I had some fun with animals this week. We had a visit from the sweetest rottweiler in the world, became in possession of two crazy ferrets, and saw a bald eagle in the middle of Salt Lake City.

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