The Help-Portrait: Photographing Those In Need

With all the floundering hopelessness in the world today, taking a portrait is probably one of the last things people think about when they want to help those in need. The photographers at the Help-Portrait think differently. On December 10, photographers from around the world will be giving back to their communities by doing what they do best: photography. But not just taking pictures of people. Taking pictures and giving them to their recipients for free. Many people do not realize the value of a portrait; assuming it a mundane necessity of life. But for those who have never had their portrait taken, especially with family or loved ones, it is definitely more than just a picture. If you would like to find out more about Help-Portrait or get some ideas, visit the website from the link above.

I don’t have anything new today, but go ahead and enjoy some stuff I found on the Internet.

Reuters 100 Best News Photographs of 2011

The Oxford English Dictionary team has chosen the Word of the Year

This kid is cooler than you.

My lovely classic Rondine camera from the Macrogallery.


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