Photography Shenanigans: Macro Edition

I’ve been hankering to try my hand at a little macro photography lately and with some spare time this week I finally managed it. However, due to poverty I don’t actually own a proper macro lens and had to make do without extreme magnification. You can take a look at my experiment here. You should also check out a gallery of macro images by Sophie Thouvenin, which are way better than mine.

Irina Werning‘s Back to the Future collection follows a fairly straight-forward trend. Take a classic childhood photo lying around and recreate it as an adult. There are a lot of these sorts of galleries floating around, but I think Ms. Werning’s are by far the best. You should also view her hilarious Chini Project while you are visiting her site.

Hey, you can order the photo below as a real-live print in the shop!


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