Panorama Extravaganza!

Alright you crazy photography cats, it’s your lucky day since I decided it was about time to update this site’s most popular section with not one, not two, but three, count ’em, three brand-spankin’-new panoramas. We’ve got a view of San Francisco Bay with the Golden Gate Bridge in scene, lovely Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe and a nearly 360 degree panorama of downtown Salt Lake City taken from the Public Library’s roof garden. Due to the fact that it took me about an hour in fading light to shoot the downtown SLC panorama, there are a few blending issues, so I apologize. WordPress has also apparently introduced a new nifty carousel slideshow for viewing photos. So if you would like to see a larger version of the panoramas, right click on the thumbnail and open it in a new tab/window.

Although I don’t have the means of printing panoramas quite yet, you can request any other print here at the shop.

In other news, this is now the most expensive photograph in the world.

Your favorite classic movie scenes recreated by Arthur. Who is a baby.

Happy (belated) 236th birthday to the United States Marine Corps.


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