Utah Undie Run 2011 Photos

The Utah Undie Run: a Protest Against Utah Being So Uptight was an excellently conceived protest that involved thousands of people stripping down to their skivvies and running from downtown to the Capitol and back. Participants were also encouraged to write their gripes with the current Utah legislature on their un-modestly clad bodies. About 3000 people showed up in Gallivan Plaza to run and to break a Guiness World Record for number of people running in their underwear… I guess? And we did it apparently! I don’t know what the record was before, but the proud nearly-naked crowd of Salt Lake City can now claim it!

Unfortunately, I am a disappointment to the photographic world by forgetting to charge by camera battery. So you can at least view the photos I snapped before my camera died here. Sort of NSFW due to scandalousness.

Don’t expect anything next week. I am going to be in and around San Francisco for awhile and it’s going to be awesome.


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