The Dark Side of Dubai

I recently stumbled upon a photo essay by documentary photographer Mathilde Gattoni entitled Sonapur, The Dark Side of Dubai. It’s showcases the stories of hundreds of thousands of migrant workers who are employed to build the city of Dubai, and at the same time are hidden away from the urban desert society. The workers are kept in deplorable conditions, paid very little and are restricted from returning home. The essay is featured on Invisible Photographer Asia which has a mutlitude of other essays by talented photographers.

I don’t have any new photos this week, but tomorrow I will be at the Gallivan Center in downtown SLC to attend the 2011 Undie Run Protest against Utah Being So Uptight. So come on down and feel free to write your gripes with the utah legislature on your bare skin, or just come as an excuse to prance around downtown in your unmentionables.

There is also some new stuff in the shop. And I now have a Flickr page for some reason!

Until next week, here is a picture of some cows.


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