Remember This? 2010 in Photos

2010 has been a notable start to a new decade, and with another year departing comes an entourage of fantastic photographic work. Here are a few photo roundups from the past year.

The Guardian’s pictorial take on 2010.

Top news photos from The Daily Beast.

National Geographic’s annual photo contest winners.

And (my favorite) a review of 2010 from The Boston Globe’s The Big Picture in three parts.

Photo(s) of the Week:

From Japan to parades, I couldn’t choose just one of the pictures I’ve made this year to be my favorite. So here are some of my favorites I took during the past 12 months. Happy new year, everybody.

Neon lights up Tokyo’s Akihabara district in March

Tokyo subways, masks and gadgets.

One of Kyoto’s monkeys satisfied with its supply of apples.

Many were eccentrically dress at the Pride Parade in June, but a few stuck out more than others.

Chuck Landvatter experimenting with color at the Urban Gallery All Star Face Off in September.

The big crowd at the Utah State Fair in September.

Some prints are also for sale in the shop.


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