A Post on Veronique de Viguerie

Last week I exhibited a collection of fabulous war photos from LIFE. This week I’m continuing the war photography theme with the portfolio of  one of the few women in the field Veronique de Viguerie, whom The Daily Beast recently deemed the world’s bravest photographer. Through her freelance work she has been able to access and photograph groups which most people consider to be in the unreachable dark corners of the world. From Somali pirates to the Taliban, Viguerie’s photographs are a new step in the photojournalistic franchise. Scan through her work by starting with my favorite gallery about the Afghan police ladies.

If venturing into some of the most dangerous places in the world for the sake of the photo isn’t your calling, how about considering immersing yourself in an Kenyan watering hole for three months to capture unique angles of wildlife in their native habitat? Oh, that idea has already been done by now disease-ridden Greg du Toit.

Also: Like obscure Indie movies? Check out my buddy’s blog 24 Frames of Lies.

Photo of the Week: Tilted Grave                                                                                                          From the Yashica-635 Gallery

Some of the graves in the Salt Lake City Cemetery are so old, they have shifted with the ground over time.

Like the photos? Go here to request a print.


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