War Photos From LIFE

Out of all the genres and sub-genres of the photograph, war photography has got to be one of, if not my most, favorite. It’s raw and gritty and it can simultaneously display the worst and best of humanity. This is a collection of 45 images from LIFE magazine containing moving glimpses into the continuing wars in the Middle East. Some of these photos are graphic, but try to take the time to study through them, read the captions and admire not only the people who caught these moments, but the people, the intensity and the emotions frozen inside them.

On the lighter side of the week:

Pencil art of kitties

Celebrate 14 years of the Back in Black segment featuring Lewis Black on The Daily Show. So much rage…

Auto-Tune The News brings a beat to pot and Elena Kagan.

Music video champions OK Go have produced another meme-worthy piece.

Also: Arnoffoto is now selling prints. Go here to order, but there aren’t very many in the shop so far. If you see something you want printed in one of the blog galleries, post a comment indicating which picture you like and I’ll add it to the shop.

Photo of the Week: Velhartice – Party Drinks           From the Česká Republika Gallery

The goodbye party’s not complete without the pivo.


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