Lost Tribute

The Lost craze is starting to simmer down and as an avid fan of the now departed series, this week’s post is dedicated to our favorite mystery island. Here are a few of the best things I’ve found around the interwebs related to the epic of Oceanic 815:

Lost reenacted by cats

Lost explained with Post-Its

Glossing over the unanswered questions

Lost: The Sitcom!

Six ways Lost imitates real life (Just so you can keep that lovable smoke monster in your hearts forever).

Five Lost Spinoffs

Also: Next week’s update won’t be on Friday. Instead it will revolve around Utah’s Pride Festival which is on Sunday.

Photo of the Week: Sušice – Fialka                              From the Česká Republika gallery

During the annual Den Sušice (Sušice Days) festival, vendors crowd the small town square with piles upon piles of ginger cookies, klobasa, toasted almonds and, of course, beer. This two-day party is garnished with presentations from local schools, features local music and is topped off with a rendition of spectacular fireworks.


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