Friday Entertainment

In light of the continuing Icelandic volcano eruption (which is still grounding flights in Europe, by the way), National Geographic has posted a photographic list of  America’s Ten Most Dangerous Volcanoes. Seven of them are on the West Coast. Seven. When those babies go off, that entire side of America is going to turn into Mordor.

Hunting ghosts in the New York City Public Library? Improv Everywhere strikes again!

If you haven’t visited Funny or Die lately, there is a series there that is revolutionizing the way history is being told. Drunk History entails re-tellings of historical events through the minds of people who are completely wasted. Created by Derek Waters, the videos star celebrities including Will Ferrel, Don Cheadle, Jack Black and Michael Cera in the historical re-enactments which are paired with extremely drunken narratives. It’s time to relearn history the way you always intended: inebriated.

Also: Take a look at Awkward Family Photos’ MacGruber Awkward Mullet Contest winner.

Photo of the Week: Svojše – Staring Cows                               From the Česká Republika Gallery

Since it’s been one year since I travelled to the glorious Czech Republic with the University of Utah’s Department of Linguistics, the next few weeks of photos will be dedicated to that experience. The cows pictured here are part of the bovine entourage housed at Farma Svojše. Svojše is a village of 15 humble inhabitants nestled in the hills of the Czech country side, and where I resided for five weeks with a farm family of four. The cows’ favorite activities are staring, chewing and escaping from their fenced off fields. Though in a town this small, they’re pretty easy to track down.


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