It’s Friday Again

The military blog The Rhino Den has finally posted a new Douche of the Week. Support your military, people. Even if you don’t agree with the politics.

Speaking of crazy people, Sebastian Junger (author of The Perfect Storm) spent five months along the Afghan-Pakistan border embedded with an Army platoon. He has chronicled his experience in a new book entitled War. Check out his interview on The Daily Show here.

Also: Prepare to have your mind blown with this optical illusion by Kokichi Sugihara.

Photo of the Week: Praha – Tyn Church                                      From the Česká Republika Gallery

It’s been one year since this picture was taken in Prague’s Old Town Square just after sunset. If the opportunity ever arises, go to the Czech Republic. If this picture doesn’t convince you to go, maybe the fact that you can get a beer for about 75 cents will. If not, all hope is lost on you. Miluji tě, Česká Republika.


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