“Karate Kid” Remake?

So apparently Columbia Pictures is sort of remaking the 1984 classic “The Karate Kid” with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. Only this time, the pathetic kid and his single mom move to China where he faces increasing trials of getting beat up by actual Chinese kung fu kids. And instead of learning how to master the fighting art from the mysterious Mr. Miyagi, it’s the mysterious Mr. Han who leads the kid to self esteem victory. Given the last few movies Jackie Chan has made, this could either be really terrible, or really awesome. Oh, and he has a mustache. View the trailer here.

Bad news for people who don’t own a TV: Stewart/Colbert to be removed from Hulu.

Also: Oh, Canada…

Photo of the Week: Goggles                                                    From The Band Gallery

I can see my reflection in them.


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