Weekly Update

Check out this awesome book

Words are expanding!

Also, don’t forget to spay/neuter poor children

Photo of the Week: Hula Hoop Girl                 -From the Hempfest ’09 Gallery

Whoever Hula Hoop Girl was, she was amazing. We all stared at those wondrously multi-colored hoops as they twirled and circled around like hypnotic pinwheels of happiness. It was entrancing. She had the ability to manipulate one, two and, yes, three hoops around various appendages that were not her waist. So wherever you are now, Hula Hoop Girl, may your hoops never stop hula-ing.


One thought on “Weekly Update

  1. Legend is, you can still hear her hula hooping down the halls of the whole foods on 4th on a full mooned night.

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